March 8, 2023
Game news

Game Changers: Celebrating International Women’s Day with Two Leading Women in the Gaming Industry

Prue – Head of Project Management

How do you approach managing a team and fostering a positive work culture?

Well, I’m a learner, so I tend to focus a lot on continuous growth through quick loops of experimenting with new ideas and getting/giving feedback on the idea. For this to happen, I work on creating a safe space in which my teammates are free to share their ideas, feedback, vulnerabilities, and their uniqueness. More than anything, this ensures that everyone has the chance to proactively make and respond to their mistakes, in turn, creating a positive learning environment in the workplace.

Even by the interview stage, I’ve shared my management style, often telling potential hires that, “in our day-to-day, should I say anything that creates any doubt, please pull me aside and let me know, so I can improve for next time”.

I hope that, by proactively permitting and encouraging feedback, it becomes the start of an open, trusting work relationship, with mutual personal development at its beating core. For the past month, we have created more room in our Project Management meeting to share our struggles, mistakes, learnings and effective practices, and it’s been really inspirational and fruitful for the team and I.

In your opinion, what can Gaming companies do to encourage more diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

The Gang is the first gaming company I’ve worked with so I don’t feel fully qualified to give my opinion here. However, I can share my experience at The Gang.

Before starting at The Gang, I didn’t have any experience in the Gaming industry, nor a related background. I was pleasantly surprised that the company was willing to give someone from outside the industry a chance to contribute. Since then, we have hired more people with different worldviews from different industries, cultures, and backgrounds to the Project Management team and I hope to see this trend continue.

Lenita – Head of Legal Department

What unique challenges come along with managing a Game Development studio’s legal department?

Managing a game development studio’s legal department can pose unique challenges that may not be present in other industries. Some of these challenges include Intellectual property issues, as Game development involves creating and protecting various forms of intellectual property, such as: Game design, Graphics, Music, and Code. As such, the legal department must work closely with the development team to ensure that all intellectual property rights are protected, and any infringement is promptly addressed; Contract negotiations: Game development involves many different types of contracts, including licensing agreements, publishing contracts, and employment agreements.

The legal department must be well-versed in negotiating these contracts to ensure that they are fair, protect the studio’s interests, and comply with all relevant laws and regulations; International law: Game development studios often operate in multiple countries and may be subject to different laws and regulations in each jurisdiction. The legal department must be familiar with the laws and regulations of each country in which the studio operates and be prepared to address any legal issues that arise in those countries.

In your opinion, what can Gaming companies do to encourage more diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

A few things that come to mind would be, for example: providing diversity training to their employees to promote awareness and understanding of different cultures and backgrounds. Especially in our case, as we have employees from all around the globe, it’s important to make sure that everybody can feel comfortable, respected and included in the work environment.

Gaming companies should foster a culture of inclusivity by creating a safe and welcoming workplace. This can be achieved through policies that prohibit discrimination and harassment and providing access to mental health resources in order to promote a healthy work-life balance.

Lastly, what does International Women’s Day mean to you?

International Women’s Day can serve as a moment of reflection and learning for society to recognize the work that still needs to be done towards gender equality, celebrate the achievements of women, amplify women’s voices, and promote greater inclusivity and allyship.